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Meet Rocky

Rocky is so mellow and easygoing. He always wants me to pet him and play with him, he likes to take baths (he jumps right in the tub), he is house-trained and lets me know when he needs to go outside. I love my dog, he is my best friend.

Meet Romeo and Nick

When we first got Romeo (formerly known as Loofa) a few weeks ago, he was a shy and scared little boy. It took him a while to warm up to us, so only a few days later we decided to get him a companion, Nick. While unsure of each other at first, they quickly became […]

Meet Sweet Tea

I found this social butterfly Sweet Tea now known as Angel Joy, shortly after my 18 y.o Sweets passed a week ago. I’m looking forward to Sweet Tea being my companion and friend for many many many years to come. I am lucky to have found this black angel kitty.

Meet Barton

It’ll be 8 years in May since this boy has changed my life and healed my broken heart. He’s doing very well and he’s very happy with myself and my family. He gets a lot of love and a lot of treats. He gets dressed up for Halloween (this year he was a lion). My […]

Meet Shelly

We are overjoyed to have such a sweet addition to our home! Formerly named Corazon, Shelly has been such a ray of light in our lives! At first, my husband and I were a little nervous to adopt another dog because we already have a dog and a cat (who we also adopted from Pasadena […]

5 Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is filled with food, decorations, fun-filled activities, and time spent with loved ones – and of course, that includes our pets! Keep these tips in mind to make sure your four-legged family members stay safe during the festivities. Avoid giving your pets “people food” There are many commonly used ingredients in holiday […]

Meet Rory (Previously Pepita)

Rory is just the sweetest. If she isn’t napping she’s cuddling and if she isn’t cuddling she’s playing with you. I was scared at first that she would have a difficult time settling in but it’s been a week now and she’s used to her environment already. I can’t believe how lucky I was walking […]

Meet Sharpie (aka Sharpella the Relentless)

I found Sharpie by accident, and ended up falling in love. She was only six months old, at a kitten adoption event, and I was already a cat owner who was not searching for any more pets. I was worried that Sharpie wouldn’t get along well with my other animals, but I couldn’t have been […]

Meet Kitchen “Kitchi” Knife

We adopted Kitchi towards the end of October with her original name having been Andromeda. She was shy and a little skittish at first but took to us well during the appointment and won my heart. She adapted very well and very quickly to her new home and it is so sweet to see. Nightly […]

Meet Kallie

This is Kallie, who we adopted on October 7, 2023. She is a great kitten and has stolen our hearts. She loves to play with our cat, Kitty (also adopted from Pasadena Humane in 2020) and is a welcome new part of our family.