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Meet Nene – formerly Nini

Sweet Nene has been with us two months now. She acclimated to her new life quite quickly and continues to blossom more everyday. Nene does everything right and shows us […]

Meet Jamoca Almond Fudge

We are so happy that Jamoca Almond Fudge joined our family! We adopted her almost a year ago, and she is so energetic and social. We love her to the […]

Meet Koko

Koko was adopted on 6/14/2022. Beautiful cat!! Koko is doing great! Thank you for giving her another opportunity in life and caring a lot about her. I came to the […]

Meet Momo

Momo (originally Buddy) was a very anxious boy when I took him home from the shelter. He hid under my bed for 3 weeks straight and would hiss when anyone […]

Meet Champ

We adopted Champ in January when he was only 14 weeks old. He’s now almost 10 months now and is as tenacious as ever. Luckily, his big brother, Hansel, is […]

Meet Monica

She is the sweetest angel one will ever find. The shelter said she is a little shy with strangers, but the moment she arrived home…she started purring! The next thing […]