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Meet Oliver

We went to the shelter with Aurora in mind and fell in love with Oliver too. They have slowly become buddies and love to play all day. Oliver is an […]

Meet Aurora

When we saw Aurora, we knew we had to give her a loving home. She had been at the shelter almost a month, she was so so scared and traumatized, […]

Meet Garbo

Garbo’s been living with me for a couple years now. Pasadena Humane contacted a friend of mine when he first came in. He is a Central American Spiny-tailed iguana, often […]

Meet Tofu

I had several hamsters as a kid and fast forward to my late 20’s, I started to miss having them as pets. I was on Facebook one day and saw […]

Meet Lulu

In February of 2015, I got a call from the shelter. A cat that had come in the night before had just given birth to five kittens. Would I be […]