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Meet Roger

Roger wasn’t my first rescue dog and he probably won’t be my last. But, like all of them, he’s unique. First of all, this was the first time I’d taken […]

Meet Sven Olaf

I was not going to adopt another dog!  I was just trying to help someone else!  Both my friend and I were heartbroken by the need to put our beloved, […]

Meet Violette

Our family adopted Violette in 2015 when she was about a year old. Our boys singled her out right away. She was interactive and curious but seemed pretty easy-going, and […]

Meet Chunnilal

I first saw Albus’ photo in the newsletter asking for donations for the medical fund, which I immediately made. I couldn’t get over the pitiful photo or the possibility that […]

Meet Jlo

We wanted to adopt a new bird since the first had died the day before. We searched and decided to adopt one from a shelter. We chose Pasadena Humane since […]

Meet Ketzel and Boo

We brought Ketzel and Boo home together. Boo was immediately comfortable and at home the minute she stepped out of her box and started exploring. Ketzel was a nervous cat […]

Meet Kayla

We first got Kayla a few months ago. Kayla is a one year old chihuahua. Before her, we had never had a dog, although I had always wanted one. When […]