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My Foster Fail

A few years ago, just before I started yoga teacher training, I injured my shoulder. I could no longer do the fancy postures I was so proud of. I fell […]

4th of July Safety

The 4th of July can be a day for fun and celebration. But for those of us with pets, it’s often a time of stress. We’ve put together some tips […]


I picked up Rosa on Jan. 15 and she has been the best investment I’ve ever made in life. I can’t go 10 steps down the street without someone wanting […]

Stearns the Terrier Mix

Stearns is a terrier mix of unknown origin. He was at shelters for weeks. He has a horrible underbite. When I play tug of war with him, he tries so […]

Remy, Formerly Maggie

When we first saw “Maggie” at PHS she looked very intimidating. She was very nonchalant when we approached her. We noticed she was being overseen by those looking to adopt. […]

Penny Lane

We adopted our little Penny Lane from Pasadena Humane Society in 2011. It was estimated that she was one year old at the time. It’s now June 2020, so we […]