These Pets Are Hoping to Find Their Homes on Free Adoption Day

Are you ready to bring a new four-legged family member into your life? Join us this Saturday, June 16 from 10am-2pm at Pasadena Humane for Free Adoption Day presented by Gabrielle Bruveris! Adoption fees will be waived for all available dogs, cats and critters – no appointment necessary. Our regular adoption screening applies. 

Here are a few pets who are ready to find their homes on Free Adoption Day: 

Papaya (A502157)

Seven-year-old Papaya loves exploring in our play yard, solving food puzzles, and getting tasty treats (especially hot dogs!). He loves petting and will ask for more by leaning into you or wagging his tail gently. He enjoys snacks and walks great on a leash!


Oracle (A503806)

Oracle is a beautiful kitty with a very unique appearance due to corneal scarring in her eye. Her eye isn’t causing her any discomfort – it just makes her look a little different. This friendly one-year-old kitty loves getting attention and will nudge you for more. She has a hearty purr and can often be seen making happy biscuits with her paws! 


Finnegan (A503860)

Three-year-old Finnegan is a curious and social guinea pig who makes adorable “wheeking” sounds to say hello! He loves to explore and has a calm demeanor. 

Take a look at all our adoptable animals.