Secret Admirer Surprises Dogs with Gifts

Imagine our surprise when we discovered two beautiful gift bags addressed to Yoshi and Athena left by our donation bins! Each bag contained a hand-written card with words of love and encouragement to the two dogs, one of whom (Yoshi) has been at Pasadena Humane longer than any other dog currently in our care. They were both signed “Your Secret Admirer” with no clue as to who they were from.

We brought Yoshi and Athena out to the training yard where they opened their gifts. Yoshi received a stuffed bunny and a blue blanket, and Athena received a rope toy and a pink blanket. We’re so thankful to the anonymous gift-giver who brought joy to Yoshi and Athena’s day.

Yoshi has been at Pasadena Humane since April 2021. He loves to play, especially with oversized stuffed toys, and is a very smart dog. He has a little bit of “stranger danger” around new people, but with a little time to get to know you, he could let you into his inner circle. He loves his favorite people!

Athena loves attention and being pet. She has lots of energy and is very smart, so she would do great in a home where she can get ample playtime… and affection!

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