Sandybu’s Forever Home

Do you remember Sandy? Identified as a Maltipoo. We believe that she is actually a Westiepoo, half terrier and half poodle. We adopted at the Pasadena farmer’s market, we’d love you to show the pics to the team who were there on 11-24. Her new name is Sandybu.

She was 11.5 pounds and now weighs about 14-15 pounds and is very healthy and seems very happy. She is so much fun and very sweet. Very cuddly, but also has lots of terrier qualities, very curious and burying things. She loves HOT WATER and hates the cold. She is not great on a leash yet, but is learning. She sleeps through the night next to us. My husband plays with her for hours, not kidding – he plays with her and I walk and cuddle her. Completely potty trained, although we’d like her to go in a designated spot. She has beautiful big brown eyes and spectacular ears – you’ll see by her photos. We won’t take her to a groomer (yet) she was really scared of scissors but we have managed to get her used to a few clips here and there. She does have separation anxiety, she starts barking when we reach for our keys. We take her into the second bedroom gently and give her a time out and she stops.

We don’t leave her alone for very long – we try to bring her everywhere we can. When we do leave her alone, she gives us the best biggest greetings, jumping up and down. She gives so much love and we think we hit the jackpot with Sandybu.