Remy, Formerly Maggie

When we first saw “Maggie” at PHS she looked very intimidating. She was very nonchalant when we approached her. We noticed she was being overseen by those looking to adopt. Even with her “tough guy” attitude we just know we had to bring her home, she was perfect. The moment we left PHS a new dog emerged as she was already excited to be outdoors. We renamed her as “Remy”.

She is the definition of “if looks could be deceiving”. Remy is a total sweetheart to not only us as the owners, but the whole family. Remy loves human affection. All she wants is belly rubs and cuddles, she’ll follow you from room to room in the house, and she loves car rides. She’s now ESA certified and kinda goes with me everywhere.

Remy has been a great addition to our household. Never a dull moment with that smile.