Meet Velvet

I was new at my job here at Pasadena Humane, but I knew I was embarking on a very rewarding experience. I loved walking around saying Hello to all the animals in our care. I would visit some of the animals behind the scenes, in areas of the shelter where the public was not allowed. There were often young litters or animals too small for the normal kennels.

One day I came across a litter of five puppies, all with their own little personalities. One in particular caught my eye. She was all black with some little white splotches here and there, the only girl in a litter with four bigger boys. She literally fit in the palm of my hand. I knew immediately that she stole my heart.

I decided to foster her at home for the weekend, and introduce her to my two dachshunds (Mila & Quincy), not knowing how the encounter would go. The minute I walked in the door at my house and put her down on the carpet, she saw my two dogs and ran enthusiastically to where they lay playing, not a fear or care in the world. Mila and Quincy didn’t know what to think. They immediately got curious, and hovered over her to investigate. She submitted to their query by rolling on her back and letting them check her out, then jumped up and began running and playing with them. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I knew in that moment that it was no longer a foster situation it was a loving adoption of an instant family member, our sweet Velvet.

Velvet occasionally comes to work with me, she loves seeing her Pasadena Humane buddies, and especially loves staying home with Grandma Trish, Quincy, and Mila.
She has since secured a place in all of our hearts. Just this weekend she was sitting on my lap bestowing me with gentle loving kisses, and it reminded me of when she first came to us, and I told her how happy I was that we found each other. My husband tries to lure her away from me when she is resting next to me or on my lap, and is occasionally successful especially if the taunts her with a treat.

Velvet is an extremely loving member of our family. She loves her brother Quincy and sister Mila as well as all her humans.