Pasadena Humane Celebrates Earth Day

Pasadena Humane celebrated Earth Day with a variety of activities around the shelter. This morning, Pasadena Humane staff gathered together in Central Park, Pasadena for a park beautification project. Staff was able to help out by spreading mulch, weeding flower beds and cleaning up trash around the area. The City of Pasadena provided volunteers with the supplies needed. We hope to inspire others to keep the park clean and well-maintained to offer a safe and enjoyable place for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Pasadena Humane continued the celebration by adding a Sustainability Tree to the wall of the shelter. The tree is made completely out of recycled materials and staff were encouraged to add a leaf with a way that they stay sustainable! The tree filled up with everyone’s best tips for respecting the planet, and staff was able to inspire one another to make small changes in their every day lives.

Pasadena Humane’s behavior department hosts a weekly “Ask A Trainer” session on Instagram Live. Questions are sourced from the community and answered live by a behavior specialist. This week’s topic was focused on how to be a sustainable pet owner! Tanya discussed eco-friendly alternatives to common pet products along with a few tips for respecting the Earth when you own a pet. Watch the recording on Pasadena Humane’s Instagram page at @pasadenahumane under IGTV.