Pasadena Humane Awarded $10,000 from Winner of American Rescue Dog Show

Susan Gan, Tully and Darris Cooper in “The American Rescue Dog Show” 2022 (ABC/Ser Baffo)

Tully, an energetic border collie, took home the first-place prize in fetching during the televised canine competition. Her owner, Susan Gan, selected Pasadena Humane as the recipient of the award, a $10,000 grant from PetcoLove.

When Susan Gan was 10 years old, she realized she was born with an inexplicable connection to pets. She’s always been able to read dog and cat behavior incredibly well, so six years ago, she began volunteering at her local shelter and fostering animals in need.

This is where Susan was introduced to her dog, Athalie (Tully), a black and white border collie.

Tully in “The American Rescue Dog Show” 2022 (ABC/Maarten de Boer)

“Athalie had a rough beginning. She was re-homed twice and her vocal cords are permanently damaged,” shared Susan. “But I became very interested in border collies because I had another one two years prior to Athalie. I was very eager to learn more about their temperament.”

Athalie is so energetic that Susan divides her day between high- and low-impact activities and naps. The pup “bounces off the walls” and needs to be entertained at all times.

“It became a good challenge for me,” said Susan.

Athalie has no limits, and loves everything she is introduced to, such as soccer, surfing and skateboarding. She first started competing in frisbee and dog diving at five months old. More recently, Athalie competed in the American Rescue Dog Show and won first place in fetching. Susan and Athalie were awarded a $10,000 grant from Petco Love and selected Pasadena Humane as the beneficiary.

“This was the cherry on the sundae,” said Susan.

Susan Gan and Tully in “The American Rescue Dog Show” 2022 (ABC/Ser Baffo)

After winning the $10,000 grant, Susan immediately knew she wanted to donate the money to a shelter because she knows how difficult it can be for them to raise money. She heard from numerous animal lovers about Pasadena Humane and knew the funds would be put to good use to help animals in need of critical care.

“I am so happy that we were given the opportunity to help Pasadena Humane,” shared Susan.

Thank you, Susan and Tully, for selecting us as the recipient of this generous grant from Petco Love. Your support will help provide lifesaving programs and services for our community’s most in-need animals.

Susan Gan and Tully in “The American Rescue Dog Show” 2022 (ABC/Ser Baffo)