Our Internet Sleuths Help Reunite Lost Dog

A few weeks ago, an 11-year-old poodle was brought to the shelter after being found on the streets of Pasadena. He looked to have been recently groomed, with a classic poodle cut. Unfortunately, he had no collar on and was not microchipped, so our Animal Resource Specialist team had no way of identifying his owner.

There was something unique about his appearance that caught the eye of one of the diligent Specialists, Destiny. Destiny and the other members of the team have become internet sleuths in trying to connect lost pets with their owners. Destiny remembered seeing a post on a lost dog social media page- a couple’s poodle had jumped out of their car at the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX about a week before this dog showed up at Pasadena Humane.

Destiny and another specialist, Beth, scoured NextDoor, Pawboost and Facebook until they found the post. While it seemed far-fetched that a dog lost at LAX might turn up in Pasadena, they messaged the couple with the intake photo of the found dog who looked quite a bit like their lost dog.

The hopeful couple came to the shelter the next morning. As soon as they saw the dog, tears started streaming down their faces as they realized that he was, in fact, their dog Frankie!

While we have no idea how Frankie made it from LAX to Pasadena, we do know that our Animal Resource Specialists are among the best in getting pets back home with their families as quickly as possible!