Now is a kindhearted time to foster or adopt a best ‘furry’ friend

Dog wearing sweater

Meet Mr. Wiggles (A504806)! This sweet boy could have just as easily been named “Mr. Snuggles” considering just how cuddly he is! Mr. Wiggles is a chill dude in the home, spending most of his time hanging out on the sofa. When he is ready to play, his game of choice is tug-of-war. Mr. Wiggles would love to spend the holidays out of the shelter. To learn more about adopting or fostering Mr. Wiggles, go to

With the holiday season in full swing, time is running out to bring a new pet home before the end of the year. At Pasadena Humane, we have dozens of wonderful dogs, cats and critters who want nothing more than to know the comfort and joy of a loving family.

One such dog, Mr. Wiggles, is hoping that Santa will help him in his search for a new home. Before we mail his letter, I wanted to share it with you.

Santa Claus
The North Pole

Dear Santa,

My name is Mr. Wiggles. I am a 6-year-old big dog with a heart of gold. I’ve been a good dog this year, but life hasn’t been very good to me. A few months ago, I got lost, and I still haven’t found my way back home.

A really nice animal control officer brought me to Pasadena Humane. The staff and volunteers here are the best, but it’s not the same as a home.

The folks at the shelter say I’m a cuddle bug and that my name should really be Mr. Snuggles. I spent some time with a terrific foster family. They liked to go on walks with time to sniff every smell along the way, just like me! It was great to get out of the shelter for a few days.

At the top of my “good boy wish list” this year is a new home for the holidays, one filled with the love I deserve.

My dream home would be warm and cozy with dog beds and blankies. Under the tree, I’d find rope toys and squeaky toys wrapped in fun packages. And, just above the fireplace would hang my stocking filled with tasty treats.

Santa, if you help me find a home for the holidays, I promise to always greet my new family with the wiggliest wag. I’ll snuggle by their side and keep them warm on these chilly winter nights. And, I will love them unconditionally and bring all the happiness I can into their home.

Thank you, Santa! I hope you get lots of treats this year!!

Mr. Wiggles

Wouldn’t you like to help Santa and make Mr. Wiggles’ dream come true by adopting or fostering him or one of his friends over the holidays?

Our 12 Dogs of Christmas foster promotion is going strong. So far, three big dogs have gone to foster homes for the holidays. We are incredibly thankful to our new foster families for providing those dogs with a much-needed holiday break from the kennels.

More animals need our help. There’s still time to foster the spirit of the season by signing up to give a big dog a Home for the Holidays,

Dia DuVernet is president and CEO of Pasadena Humane.

This blog post originally appeared as a column in the Pasadena Star-News on December 17, 2022.