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Column: A pet resume may help you and your pet secure a place to rent

From 2022 to 2023, the number of owner-surrendered dogs at Pasadena Humane increased by more than 30%. One of the leading reasons was housing instability. Housing issues were the cause of nearly a quarter of owner-surrendered dogs at our shelter. The problem is complex, but on the most basic level, there is a severe lack […]

Column: When to start your new pup off on the right paw? Early!

For many years, puppies were a rare sight in our kennels. When the occasional litter came into the shelter, the cutie pies were adopted within minutes. These days, it seems like we always have multiple kennels full of darling pups. The pandemic led to a drastic reduction in the number of spay/neuter surgeries performed and […]

Column: Here’s how volunteers are ‘vital’ to Pasadena Humane

Every April, we celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month. I am incredibly thankful for our volunteers at Pasadena Humane. Simply put, we can only do what we do because of them. More than 2,000 Pasadena Humane volunteers donated 116,488 hours of service in 2023. That’s equivalent to the work of 58 full-time employees! By these metrics, 2023 was by far the […]

Column: Sure, a puppy is cute, but adopting an adult dog has its benefits

Spring is the season of new beginnings. At Pasadena Humane, that’s something we know a lot about. In fact, you could say we are in the business of fresh starts. Core to our mission is finding adopters for homeless pets. And, it’s something we do very well. In 2023, our amazing adoptions team placed 3,528 pets […]

Column: It’s ‘Kitten season’ at Pasadena Humane

We welcome the arrival of spring this coming Tuesday. And with it, we are preparing for the start of another season — kitten season. By now, many of my regular readers know all about kitten season. It’s the extended period of time spanning March through November when thousands of kittens come through Pasadena Humane’s doors […]

Column: Pasadena Humane’s advice when the neighbor’s dog barks excessively

Barking is a natural and normal canine behavior. It’s one of the primary ways that dogs communicate with humans and other canines. But when barking becomes excessive, it can indicate distress in a dog and it can quickly become a nuisance for neighbors. Our animal control department regularly fields barking dog complaints. While we wish […]