Moto the Cat, Missing for One Month, Reunited with Owner

A good Samaritan found Moto wandering down the street and brought her to Pasadena Humane in hopes that we could locate her owner. Moto appeared to be a senior kitty and was wearing a clean collar, but had no ID tag. She also had a microchip, but the chip wasn’t registered, so there was no contact information.

Although there was no obvious way to find Moto’s human, our Animal Resource Center Specialist, Pip, did some amazing detective work and managed to track down a contact number from a different microchip company. And when Pip called the number, the person on the other end started sobbing – her cat had gone missing a month ago, and she didn’t think she would ever find her. And as it turns out, Moto was SEVENTEEN years old!

We’re so grateful to those who went the extra mile to help reunite Moto with her person. We hope this story also reminds you to make sure your pet’s microchip is registered with your current contact information, and that your pet has an ID tag on their collar. With the 4th of July approaching, it’s more important than ever to take these simple steps to protect your pet.

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