Meet Whip, Miracle , Charcoal, and Wild

My cats name is Whip, he is dork. He loves to pick on the other cat named Rebecca. We got her at San Gabriel Humane. Whip was just a kitten when we got him 13 years ago at Pasadena Humane. He likes to explore the house next door. He’s a great cat . We also had a cat named Miracle from Pasadena Humane. She was 5 when we got her about 12 years ago, but she did not live long . Then we had a cat named Charcoal. We got him at Pasadena Humane when I was around 8 years old, he was awesome. I also had a cat name Wild, she was great. We got her at the Pasadena Farmer’s Market way back in the day . So there is the story of all my cats.