Meet Trent (Formerly McFlurry)

Trent (FKA McFlurry) has been in our lives for a month now. We feel so incredibly privileged to have this handsome well behaved pup in our home. The connection was instant the moment we set our eyes on him, it was meant to be. We were relieved after a few months of searching for our fur child.

He has become very loyal to us. He loves his belly rubs, and no-hide bones. He seems to have mastered being cute, making it VERY hard to tell him no. He’s very well mannered and behaves well when on leash. Instantaneously he said no to a kennel, and has proven himself to not tear up our belongings. Instead he’d much rather just sleep on the couch. We learned that he’s fantastic with children. I can trust this pup in all situations.

He hasn’t learned how to play with toys or other dogs, but we’re slowly teaching him.

Thank you so much, PHS. <3