Tigre’s Happy Home

Originally my husband and I were interested in fostering baby squirrels, but when we saw Tigre we just fell in love with him. Found as a stray and at 14 years of age he unfortunately was plagued by various health issues. He stayed with his first foster mom who nursed him through surgery. We took over during recovery to give him a permanent home. The great collaboration with his first foster parents and the guidance / care we received from Pasadena Humane was invaluable. It gave us the confidence to care for an older dog and to finalize the adoption.

After many doggie donuts at the adoption party with his first foster family we can say today that Tigre was the best thing that happened to us! The joy of seeing a sick dog recover and being able to enjoy life again reminds us that it’s never too late and that every day counts.

Thank you Pasadena Humane!

Tigre, William and Nicole