Meet Millie (aka Lady Millicent, Duchess of S’mores)

We first met Millie when the dog I had signed up for was not available for a foster field trip. When we later learned that she had been adopted, we were happy for her, but felt we had missed an opportunity to have this loving little lady be a permanent part of our family. As fate would have it, Millie was returned because her adopters had a cat with whom Millie was not a good match. So, once again, Millie was made available to us for a field trip that fate turned into a second chance for us all! By the end of the day, we realized this wasn’t a field trip…this was love! We are so pleased to give Millie her forever home and make her one of The Merry Maitlen’s of La Crescenta! Thanks to Pasadena Humane, our family is complete!