Meet Lola (previously Mochi)

Adopting Lola at the end of March was one of my better decisions in life. Thank you to the fantastic Adoption Office and staff at Pasadena Humane, who were beyond kind and encouraging. This little one was a stray and in need of some TLC. She’s now put on the weight she desperately needed and is having a pretty good life. I am able to take her to work, so she’s not alone. Everyone loves her, because how can you not? Big shout out to Greg Murphy, the Animal Control Officer who brought Lola to safety. This is my 3rd successful adoption at Pasadena Humane – my previous two dogs lived out their whole lives as part of my family. Lola will, as well. She’s definitely home and getting a ton of love and good times. Thank you again to those who were so instrumental in making this happen. I’m actually considering adopting a pal for Lola, since she’s very dog-friendly. Seeing some great possibilities on your site.