Pasadena Humane ACOs Deploy to Maui for Relief Duty

PASADENA, Calif. (October 9, 2023) – – Pasadena Humane is sending two Animal Control Officers to Maui to assist in the exhaustive effort to find pets lost and still missing due to the August wildfires in Lahaina. 

Officers James Garcia and William Van Stralen deploy to Maui on October 10, and they expect to be in the burn communities for a week. Thousands of pets were lost during the massive evacuation, with many still unaccounted for even weeks after the initial fires.  

Officer Garcia has been in the Animal Control Department at Pasadena Humane for seven years, and was a veterinary technician for the two years prior. His skill set is vital as many of the found animals have burn-related injuries. ACO Van Stralen has been at Pasadena Humane for four years. He has been involved in multiple rescue efforts involving injured animals.  

“William and I are honored to to be able to help the community of Lahaina and provide some relief to both the people and the animals who are affected by the recent disaster,” says Garcia.   

“These ACOs have volunteered for this assignment, and we could not be prouder,” says Dia DuVernet, President & CEO of Pasadena Humane. “They are very experienced and compassionate, and their expertise will be tremendously helpful.” 

Pasadena Humane officers regularly collaborate with other agencies both locally and throughout the country.