Matcha & Gia

We were lucky to find, both, Matcha and Gia at Pasadena Humane!
My wife saw Matcha (then Lola) on the Pasadena Humane web site in December, 2014 and fell in love. She was so malnourished that the tip of her tail was bare. No matter … when we went to meet her, there was no doubt that we would be bringing her back to her new home! Her distinctive line, down the middle of her face, perfectly describes her personality … on one hand, she is extremely playful but she is also very stubborn!
We decided that Matcha needed a playmate so we went back to Pasadena Humane in January, 2017. Gia was a four month old puppy that had just been dropped off. We were lucky to be placed first on the wait list for Gia and, while there was some concern as to whether Matcha would accept her, we brought her home when she became available. She loves to cuddle and to play fetch but her favorite activity is to play with Matcha.
We are so lucky and grateful to have Matcha and Gia in our lives … Thank You, Pasadena Humane!!