Maggie the Miracle

Our Maggie (prior named Miss Miracle) came to us through an article in the paper stating she was hit by a “hit and run” car near Huntington Dr. and Fremont. She was very beat up but endured major surgery in her right rear leg and other significant injuries. But she pulled through. As said we read about her in the paper and called, were listed as number eight in line for her.
In the two months it took for her to get well we worked our way up to number one. The day we received our call we were there to meet her in 10 minutes.

Maggie has been the light of our lives ever since. She has broken ever dog rule we have ever had for our dogs. We have had many wonderful dogs in our many years of marriage but Maggie is special.

Now four years old and in perfect health she goes everywhere we go and we love every minute.

Thank you Pasadena Humane Society so much for the early care you have given our Maggie and the unending pleasure she has given to us.

Maggie with her friend, Storm.