Keep Your Pets Safe During a Heat Wave

During a major heat wave, it’s important to keep your pets cool. Pets, like humans, are susceptible to heat stroke during high temperatures. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe during extreme heat:

Provide lots of fresh, clean water

Keep cool water in easy-to-access spots in your home and provide a drinking fountain to entice your pet to drink more. Adding ice cubes can keep water cooler longer and provide some fun enrichment as well.

Avoid going outside

When the temperature is high, the pavement can be hot enough to burn an animal’s delicate paw pads. Instead of long games of fetch outside, provide low-exertion, indoor enrichment such as offering treat dispensers or hiding other food puzzles around the house.

Time of day matters

If you must go for a walk, choose the early morning or after sundown, when temperatures are coolest.

Provide cool areas

Give your pet access to tile or cooling mats. If you notice your pet napping on the bathroom tile, let them! Animals will gravitate towards cooler surfaces or rooms that have air conditioners if given the option.

NEVER leave your pet in a hot car

Even when we’re not experiencing a heat wave, temperatures in a car can quickly elevate to dangerous levels. Don’t leave your pet in a hot car, even for a second.