Introducing Pasadena Humane

New look. Shortened name. Same commitment to the animals since 1903.

Welcome to the new Pasadena Humane. We are on a mission to lead the way toward a compassionate and caring community for all animals. Humane is at the core of what we do each and every day for the animals and people in our community.

At Pasadena Humane, we want to celebrate all that it means to be a HUMANE organization. And, for us, that means making sure it’s central to the most visible part of our identity, our name. Moving forward, Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA will simply be known as Pasadena Humane.

Not only does our shortened name highlight what is most important to us, it helps clear up confusion about our identity. Pasadena Humane is an independent organization. Yes, we work collaboratively alongside other animal welfare organizations to create a better world for our animal companions. But we have no formal affiliation with the ASPCA and Humane Society of the United States. We are Pasadena Humane, a local, nonprofit organization serving the people and animals of the Greater Los Angeles Area.

With our updated name comes a new look and this brand-new website! We hope you’ll spend some time getting to know us better. Here are a few of our favorite new features:

  • Adoptable Pet Viewer: A photo feed of adorable animals? Yes, please! You can easily browse animals by species, sex, age, and size. Be sure to click on the animal’s photo for more info about that pet.
  • Expanded Menu: Our new navigation allows you to easily find the information you are looking for. Click around to learn all about our programs and services.

Oh, and did we mention that the original studio photography that you see all over our new website exclusively features animals adopted from Pasadena Humane? All the beautiful faces on brightly colored backdrops that you see throughout the site are pets who found their “happily ever after” here. A huge shout out to L.A-based pet photographer Sorrell Scrutton for her masterful work!

Thank you for visiting our new site! As always, our dedication to helping the animals and people of our community remains as strong as ever.