Hurricane Hilary Pet Safety Tips

With heavy rain and wind expected due to Hurricane Hilary, it’s important to be prepared and keep your pets’ safety in mind. Here are a few tips to help you and your pet get through the storm safely.

Plan your outdoor time

Always keep your pets indoors when it’s raining. If possible, try to schedule your dog’s walks during breaks in the storm. If your dog needs to go out when it’s raining, a raincoat or rain booties for dogs may make outings easier. Dry your pet with a towel when they come back inside, and keep the towel by your door so you can easily dry muddy feet without tracking pawprints through your home. 

Provide indoor activities

Keep your pet enriched with fun indoor games. Hiding squeaky toyschew toys, and treat dispensers around your house creates a fun scavenger hunt to keep your pet busy. You can even utilize items you may already have at home – such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons, or fabric scraps – to make DIY food puzzles or snuffle mats. 

Prepare for power outages

If you utilize automatic feeders or pet fountains, check to see if they have a backup battery or allow alternate access to food or water in the event of a power outage. If they don’t, keep pet food and water bowls on hand. If you lose power and need to light candles, supervise your pets around open flames – or better yet, opt for flameless, battery-operated candles and flashlights to safely light your way around your home. 

Anxiety and stress

Rain can be loud and scary for some pets, especially when accompanied by thunder and lightning. If your pet experiences anxiety and stress from the storm, create a sanctuary space for them, play soothing music, and distract them with puzzle feeders. Over-the-counter calming chews may also help. 

Include your pets in your emergency plan

In case you may need to evacuate, know where your local evacuation sites will be and if they allow pets. Have crates or carriers, leashes, wet and dry food (at least five days worth), a supply of water, dishes, a few toys, and your pet’s medicine packed up in an easy-to-carry bag in case you need to leave quickly. Makes sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip are up-to-date with your current contact information in case they get lost.

After the storm

When the storm is over, check your backyard for downed trees, damaged fences, or other hazards before letting your dog outside. 

If you need to reach animal control for an animal-related emergency, call us at 626.792.7151 ext. 102.

Stay safe, and stay dry!