Give a shelter dog a second chance for a loving home during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Seven-year-old Sebastian (A500229) is a beautiful dog with lots of energy and intelligence. Volunteers report that he enjoys playing with toys and is great at fetch. And when he’s done playing, he’ll trade his toy for a treat. Sebastian would love a home where he can be active and get frequent enrichment, like food puzzles, and, of course, games of fetch!

With fall officially here, we can look back on an action-packed summer at Pasadena Humane.

Typically our busiest time of year, we were able to find homes for hundreds of animals through monthly free adoption days, in addition to our regular adoption appointments every day of the week.

While you might think we were able to “Clear the Shelter” and have found homes for all the animals in need, unfortunately, more have taken the place of those adopted.

That’s why we welcome the month of October, which is officially Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Adopting a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience. The unconditional love and companionship you will receive are simply priceless. And you are changing a dog’s life by welcoming them into a loving home.

At Pasadena Humane, we have dozens of dogs hoping for a second chance at a happily ever after. Dogs like Sebastian, a 7-year-old German shepherd who loves playing with toys and is great at fetch. And Milton, a 9-year-old pit bull mix who loves soft beds and snuggling in blankets.

If you are considering adopting a new dog (which I hope you are!), it’s a good idea to start getting ready before welcoming your new pooch. Here are a few ways to prepare:

  • Pick up basic supplies such as food, bowls, treats, chews, toys, a dog bed, poop bags, a collar, a leash and an ID tag with your contact information. Our Shelter Shop is a great place to look for your pet’s new gear while giving back to the animals in our care.
  • Dog-proof your home in advance of your new pup’s arrival. This is especially important for puppies who are expert chewers. Plan where your dog will stay when unattended — you may consider adding a crate, x-pen, or baby gate to your shopping list.
  • Establish a routine for your new canine friend that includes regular feeding, walking and playtime. Being consistent with your pup will help establish trust. Avoid scary and overwhelming situations like the dog park until your adopted dog has had time to learn to grow comfortable in their new surroundings with you.
  • Take your recently adopted dog to the vet for a general health check within the first week of bringing them home. It’s essential to start your pet off on the right paw with regular veterinary care. When you adopt from Pasadena Humane, you will receive a complimentary wellness exam at a participating VCA Veterinary Hospital.

If you’ve been considering bringing home a new canine companion, don’t delay. Dogs at shelters truly need your help right now.

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Dia DuVernet is president and CEO of Pasadena Humane.

This blog post originally appeared as a column in the Pasadena Star-News on October 1, 2022.