From kittens to a German Shepherd


Our journey began with 2 skinny kittens from different litters that their siblings were all adopted. They were the left overs and weighed barely 1 lb each. Through lots of love and persistent training, they are now 10 years old and spoiled rotten but never scratched furniture or curtains. People assume cats can’t be trained, which is not true! They are the most loving and best behaving cats anyone can dream of. One even follows us around like a dog, which inspired us of adopting a dog.

We never had a dog before and adopting a stray without any prior history that is a German Shepherd worried us about the safety of our cats. We immediately hired a professional trainer and our dog grew to be amazingly happy, friendly, sweet, and so well mannered that she doesn’t even bark at the mail carrier. Hubby takes her to work everyday and she is the office favorite. We were surprised at how much energy, time, and money having a dog can take, especially if the dog has health issues. But the reward is tremendous and well worth every ounce of effort.

Fur kids are commitments for life. People may have many pets throughout their lives but these fur babies only have us in their entire lifetime. Their unconditional love gives us so much happiness and we are so grateful to have them.