Why Did the Geese Cross the Freeway?

Alison Diaz has been an Animal Control Officer for just over a month, and one of the first calls she responded to was to assist fellow officer Luis Simental in assisting Highway Patrol. CHP needed help getting a family of geese off the 134 freeway.

Prior to becoming an ACO, Diaz was a technician in our Wildlife Department. It was second nature for her to immediately know what to do to help the geese, so she jumped into action.

Alison realized the mother goose and her six goslings were near a pond where the geese were most likely headed. The youngsters were just a few days old and unable to fly, and thankfully, Mom was not leaving them behind.

With the help of CHP, Alison and Luis were able to safely guide the family off the busy freeway and towards the pond, gently urging Mom along, and of course, the little ones followed right behind.

Drivers on the 134 must have been stunned by the odd parade of flashing lights leading this adorable family off the freeway, but ultimately these geese are out of harm’s way thanks to our ACOs!