Eli’s Happy Home

Wanted to share our story of Eli, previously Juanito (A471808). I had stopped at the PetSmart in Northridge to pick up some food for our other cat, and of course had to check on the available cats there for adoption. Something about Eli caught my attention and I couldn’t walk away. My roommate and I played with him in the store and it was clear he had a great personality. Even after nipping at my face when I picked him up, it was clear we needed to take him home. Eli couldn’t contain his excitement in the car ride home, quite literally breaking out of his cardboard carrier (come to find out, after talking to your staff, he had a history of this). Today Eli is doing great. He loves to play and watch the world out of the windows. Thank you PHS for taking him in and we’re happy he now has a furrever home!