Dobby’s Incredible Transformation

Update: Dobby has been adopted!

When 8-year-old Dobby came to Pasadena Humane, he was in horrible condition. He was found roaming in the streets, and narrowly missed being hit by a car. He was scared, limping, and completely covered in fleas. We weren’t sure how he had ended up in such bad shape, but we knew that he desperately needed our help.

Dobby was missing most of the hair around his face and had severe mats throughout the rest of his fur. This poor dog was covered in so much flea dirt that the roots of his fur looked like they had been dyed black. Despite his condition, Dobby is as sweet as can be. This poor boy is ready for his second chance.

Our team removed hundreds of ticks from Dobby’s small body. Once he was groomed, he looked like a brand new dog! He was so happy to be free of his painful mats and ready to begin his road to recovery.

Dobby is ready to find a loving home where he can heal from his traumatic life on streets. If you are interested in adopting Dobby, set up an adoption appointment today!

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Special thanks to Pet Care Foundation for their amazing work on Dobby’s grooming.