Candy’s new beginning

Cell Dogs Inc., a nonprofit organization with a mission to harness the power of the human-animal bond, transforms lives by setting a new course for shelter dogs and incarcerated individuals. By providing second chances, we make a lasting difference in our communities.

We rescue dogs from local shelters and enroll them in basic obedience training programs. These classes take place in correctional facilities and actively involve program trainers. For each training cycle, we make sure all dogs are lovingly adopted or promoted to our advanced training program for specialized service dog training.

Candy, a very sweet and loving 5-year-old Lab mix, landed at the Pasadena Humane Society this past March when she was found running around the city streets. She appeared to be in good health but was very shaken by all the hubbub and noise outside the safety of her home. The shelter contacted her owners but they said they did not want her back.

She was a bit timid around sudden noises (likely resulting from her experiences running about in traffic) but recovered quickly with a reassuring voice. After evaluating her, we believed she would make a great pet in a loving home. To ease her transition, Candy first moved in with one of our trainers. In April, she was ready to start her basic obedience training at OC Probation.

Candy has been a wonderful canine pupil, and she is also extremely perceptive to the emotional needs of everyone around her. Her gentle and calming presence has been a great comfort to staff and the many young men in her housing unit.

It’s been gratifying to witness the change in Candy’s personality and appearance during her time in our program. In her earlier shelter photo, she appeared highly stressed and anxious. A more recent photo shows her remarkable transformation into a well-adjusted and happy pup. She’s clearly blossomed during her time in the OC Probation program and she continues to gain much-needed self confidence with each passing day. After graduating successfully, Candy was ready to start her new life and was happily adopted!