Angel blossoms in a home

We had just lost one of our precious babies and weren’t quite ready to adopt again, however different signs were telling us that we needed to. So we set out to PHS to see the pups that needed a home. Immediately I found the girl that I knew was the one. She was a stray, about 5 years old and had obviously had litters. She had no name, but lots of love and a little funny gait that endeared her to me.

We brought her home to meet our other little guy and it was clear to us that she was new to being inside of a home. She had never seen a TV and was cautious at first, but soon started wagging her tail and making herself at home!

Between being in the shelter, just having surgery (spay) and possibly never being an indoor dog, she had to be house broken. She miraculously picked it up within a couple of days! We’ve been discovering her little quirks and habits and it’s so fun to see her open up. She likes to steal the bath mat while you’re in the shower. She loves to cuddle and LOVES her treats. She licks pillows and loves rolling in the grass. She’s learning to be just a dog in a happy home and I cannot explain the feeling that gives someone.

We have named her “Angel” and she lives up to that name. She reminds us of three dogs that we have loved in our lives and it’s beautiful to relive those memories when she does things that remind us of them. She’s very much her own little spirit, but it’s nice to have them all back in little ways through her.

This is a success story that I’m proud to be a part of. Adoption takes patience and lots of love, but what you receive in return by saving a life is brought back to you through the animal that loves unconditionally and for life. Adopt, Don’t Shop!