A house of females

Last month, while volunteering with the Wiggle Waggle Waggin’, I had the pleasure of spending time with two very bonded senior sisters who had been turned in by their owner. While they really enjoyed being out and meeting new people at various adoption events, they never wanted to be apart from each other. This warmed the volunteers’ hearts, and none of us wanted to see them separated…they had to be adopted together!

Well, while out at our monthly visit to the PCC Flea Market, both of the sisters decided to jump up into my lap and make themselves comfortable. They also made it their mission to steal my heart, and that they did. Once home, my husband and I discussed possibly adopting them. Our concern was how would four female dogs get along in one small house? Later that week I brought our two dogs, Zoey (PHS Alumni adopted in 2014) and Lena (a tri-pod Pomeranian rescued in 2018) to the Pasadena Humane Society for a meet and greet to see. It was very successful and the decision was easy…the sisters found a new home.

Sisters Evy and Ivy settled in immediately and adapted quickly to their new family that also includes two rescued 9 year old cats, Isabella and Sophia. Now my husband Sam is surrounded by females at home, but he too is adapting well and enjoying life with our big family of rescues!

Thank you PHS & SPCA for all that you do for the animals and helping them find fur-ever homes! Our house and hearts are full!