5 Tips to Prevent Door Dashing

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Does your dog run out the door as soon as you open it? Does your cat escape anytime you try to leave the house? This behavior can range from just being inconvenient to actually being dangerous for your pet. Check out these tips to help prevent your pet from door dashing: 

Flip the Script

Use your pet’s favorite snack to teach an alternate behavior. You can teach your pet to sit on a raised platform (a chair or couch works) or on a mat several feet away before opening the door. Purchase a Roxbury Pet Melrose Mat from our Shelter Shop to help with your door dashing training.  

Don’t Punish, Prevent! 

Use management tools such as baby gates, dog pens, or a leash to remove the opportunity for door dashing. 

Set the Scene for Success 

Place a sign near your doorbell that tells your guests to be patient while you place your pet in a safe spot before opening the door. 

Build a New Healthy Habit 

Train your pet to wait before exiting all doors, even when they are on leash for a walk or exiting to a safe enclosed area.