5 Reasons to Leash Train Your Cat

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When you think of harnesses and leashes, you might think of dogs first. But did you know that cats can be leash trained, too? Cats of any age have the potential to be leash trained so they can safely experience outdoor time. Check out the video above for some tips to get started, and if you need more convincing, here are some reasons you may want to leash train your cat:

  1. Enrich their lives: Your cat deserves to engage with nature, but we want to make sure they remain safe while doing so. Leash training your cat not only provides a way for your kitty to feel the breeze on their fur and grass under their paws, it also gives us a safe way to monitor their activity. Just like us, cats need more on their agenda than just eating, sleeping, and napping. Leash training provides an extracurricular activity to add to their resume.
  2. Get ’em moving: We’ve all been feeling stuck at home lately. Leash training your cat gets both you and your cat moving and enjoying some sunshine.
  3. Build a bond: Training is a great way to communicate with your cat. Not only is your cat learning something new with training, but you’re also learning new things about your cat! Even if you find out your cat prefers the great indoors, don’t consider it a failure. The more you know about your cat, the stronger your bond will be.
  4. Build their confidence: Teaching and experiencing new things at their own pace helps to build your cat’s confidence. Rather than flooding your cat with too many overwhelming experiences, take things slowly. Each little step along the way prepares them for your ultimate goal. For some cats the goal may just be wearing a harness indoors, and for others it may be adventuring in the yard and beyond. Always work with the cat at their own pace.
  5. Reduce their stress: Cats who are unable to express their natural instincts can sometimes become stressed. Even though we try to provide them with everything they need to scratch, sniff, climb, and taste indoors, nothing beats the real outdoor experience. Cats who crave a taste of the wild will definitely experience the benefits of safe outdoor time.

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