5 Reasons to Foster a Big Dog

If you’ve never fostered before, or you’ve fostered kittens, cats, or small dogs, you may want to consider giving a temporary home to a larger dog. There are many benefits to fostering a pet, but bringing home a big dog in particular can be so rewarding. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider opening your home to a larger pup: 

More outdoors time 

There are lots of different types of dogs with many different personalities, but some large dogs make great outdoor companions. While a smaller dog might be fine with a walk around the block, certain larger dogs might be able to join you for hikes or more adventurous outdoor activities. 


There are actually many large dogs who do well in apartments or smaller spaces. If you’ve been feeling lonely, a big dog would be able to share the couch with you for movie nights or keep you company while you work from home. If you’d prefer to foster a smaller animal because you want a lap dog, don’t rule out large dogs – some of them are snugglers, too. 

It’s good practice before you adopt 

Maybe you’re thinking about adopting a bigger dog, but you’re not sure if your home and life are appropriate for one. Fostering allows you to see what it’s like to have a big dog without making that lifetime commitment just yet. 

You’re helping out a shelter dog 

Not everyone has the ability to bring home a larger pet, so we are usually more in need of foster homes for bigger dogs. Fostering an animal gives them a break from the shelter environment and gives us useful information about what that animal is like in a home environment, which also makes them more adoptable. 

It’s affordable 

Having a pet comes with expenses, such as food. Larger dogs eat more food than smaller dogs and cats, so your monthly cost to feed a big dog would be a little more than with other animals. But when you foster for us, we provide all the supplies – food, harnesses and leashes, and more – plus veterinary care. You get to enjoy having a large dog without any added expense! 

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