5 Reasons to Adopt a Big Dog

Large dogs have lots of love to give – but are more often overlooked by potential adopters. There are many reasons to consider a bigger dog when you’re looking to bring a new pet into your life. 

They can make great exercise buddies

While a smaller dog might be content with a walk around the block, a bigger dog may be more likely to keep up with you on a longer run or hike. If you’re looking for someone to join you on your outdoor excursions, a large dog may be your perfect adventure buddy. 

They have a variety of personalities and energy levels

Not all bigger dogs need to go for a mile run every day (although, we can match you with one of those if that’s your vibe!). Some large dogs would be happy to join you on the couch for movie nights or sleep in with you on Sundays. You may need to give up a little extra room on your bed for them, though. And some are even lap dogs! 

They can do well in apartments

You don’t necessarily need a house with a yard to adopt a big dog. Many larger dogs do great with regular walks around the block and indoor enrichment (such as treat puzzles) to keep them mentally stimulated. Let your adoption counselor know that you’re looking for a good apartment dog, and they can help you find a pup that fits your lifestyle. 

You’ll feel extra safe with a big dog at your side

Even though your dog may be a gentle giant who would happily give kisses to any stranger they meet, there’s no denying that their size provides an additional sense of security – especially if you live alone or like to jog at night. 

You’re helping out an underdog

Larger dogs tend to have longer shelter stays than their smaller counterparts. By adopting a bigger dog, you’re getting them out of the shelter sooner and opening up a kennel for another dog in need. 

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