5 Indoor Activities for Your Dog

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Summertime is here, and it’s heating up outside. When it’s 85 degrees or hotter, concrete and pavement can reach paw-blistering temperatures. If the thought of forgoing your pup’s daily jaunt around the neighborhood makes you fret, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some fun in-home ideas. Here are 5 alternatives to walking your dog that aim to fulfill your pet’s need to get up off the couch, stay engaged, and most importantly, sniff!

Hide ‘n Seek

Practice calling your dog and then sneaking off behind a door, under a desk, or in a corner of your home. Reward your dog for finding you with praise and a pupsicle. For hide ‘n seek experts, have another household member distract your dog while you hide.

Brain Games

Hide kibble or a toy under a towel or box and watch your pup figure out how to uncover their treasure. Alternatively, place tennis balls in a muffin tin and hide tasty surprises underneath the tennis balls.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide fun activities around the house for your dog to discover throughout the day – something to sniff, something to lick or taste (try a pupsicle!), something to chew on, and something to play tug with.

Bubble Bop

Let your pet watch or catch bubbles – try out pet-friendly scented bubbles for added fun. And don’t forget catnip bubbles for your feline friend!

Pool Party

Fill up a kiddie pool with water to keep your pup cooled off. Add some in some fun floating toys to pique their interest.