Volunteer Perk!

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I met Mavis during my time volunteering with PHS. Our previous bunny passed away a few weeks before after a long battle with kidney disease. We weren’t sure we were ready to adopt a new rabbit but I saw something special in Mavis right away. The day after I met her, I brought my husband …

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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

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Did you know that the 4th of July is generally the busiest day of the year for animal shelters around the country? The loud booms and bursts of fireworks can scare our pets and cause them to run away. Plus, the festive nature of 4th of July puts pets at risk of ingesting harmful food …

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The secrets you need to know so your pets will have a happy July 4th

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I have two senior dogs, Madeline (age 17) and Oliver (age 15). They’re both Dachshunds. If cuteness was a crime, they’d no doubt be arrested. They both have short legs. But beyond that, they have pretty much nothing else in common. Like salt and pepper, they’re two totally different flavors in terms of personality. Ollie …

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