Why Senior Dogs Are The Best

Attached is a picture of Doris with her new family Louise, Ron, and Brandi. Louise met Dori while she was volunteering on the Wiggle Waggle Waggin’; she called her husband Ron at home and the rest is history.

Ron and Louise have been volunteering at PHS for over 30 years. Their recent adoption is Doris (aka Dori), a 10 year old Lab mix. Dori is settling in nicely with her new sister Brandi, a 7 year old PHS alumnus, and 3 cats. The reason Ron and Louise love adopting senior dogs is because senior dogs have their habits established; they are a lot more calmer with a little get up and go, housebroken, well behaved, and easy to walk on a leash where they both can stop and smell the roses together.

Ron said, “you know what you are getting with a senior dog”. Louise added, “as we get older, we all have a few more bumps, maybe we do not see as well or move as fast but that does not matter, as senior humans and dogs we are finding harmony and supporting each other through our senior years.” They said by adopting a senior dog, not only are you adding life to the dog but also to the human.