Spoiled Mortimer

I chose to adopt Mortimer (Morty) because…well, look at the face! Who could resist that adorable face! Also, being that he is a senior with health issues I was afraid he’d be overlooked for a younger, healthier dog. I wanted to make sure he spent the rest of his life in a loving home being spoiled and showered with affection.

Morty is doing great! He settled in right away. He follows me everywhere and when he’s not following me he’s attached to me via his baby harness or cuddling next to me. He’s a good boy and a big boy. I say “big boy” because he goes up the stairs on his own, even the doggie stairs to the bed. Morty is so well loved and he has 5 siblings to play with – two dogs (one of which was also adopted from PHS), two cats, and a bunny. His new name is Beignet because he is tiny and sweet. I’m extremely grateful to the staff at the Pasadena Humane Society for rescuing him, providing the medical care that he needed, and not giving up on him and his foster mom for taking such great care of him.