Washington Square, Pasadena


Pasadena Humane has remained Washington Square, Pasadena, CA, residents’ most trusted source for animal adoption and welfare since 1903. For over a century, we have provided shelter and compassionate care for thousands of animals in the Washington Square, Pasadena, CA, community. Whether they have been abandoned, lost, or were born without a home, our mission is to give these animals a second chance at life. In 2022 alone, we were able to assist nearly 40,000 animals through adoptions, wildlife rehabilitation, lost & found services, veterinary services, and surrender prevention assistance. This effort is made possible through our generous donors and volunteers. If you’d like to join our mission and make a difference in the life of Washington Square, Pasadena, CA, animals, we have a variety of opportunities available, from helping out at our shelter to participating in outreach events. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the lives of our furry friends. Make a donation, volunteer your time, or adopt a new family member to do your part and help a Washington Square, Pasadena, CA, animal in need today.