Muir Heights, Pasadena


For over a century, Pasadena Humane has remained a beacon of hope for animals in need. Since our establishment in 1903, we have tirelessly dedicated ourselves to the welfare of animals, from those who have been abandoned or lost to those who were never given a chance at a loving Muir Heights, Pasadena, CA, home. Our doors are always open, welcoming in the thousands of animals in the Muir Heights, Pasadena, CA, area who have been neglected, injured, or displaced. Through our various services, such as adoptions, wildlife rehabilitation, and lost & found services, we’re able to make a positive impact on the lives of these animals and give them a second chance at a happy, healthy life. It is because of the support and generosity of our Muir Heights, Pasadena, CA, community that we are able to achieve such a feat. If you’d like to do your part and assist us in improving the lives of Muir Heights, Pasadena, CA, animals, we encourage you to make a donation, volunteer your time, or adopt a new family member today.