At Pasadena Humane, we are a compassionate animal rescue dedicated to creating a better place for all Bradbury, CA, animals. Our primary goal is to make sure that every Bradbury, CA pet has a safe and loving home. That’s why we offer volunteer opportunities for fostering as well as adoption services, wildlife rehabilitation, and community training and education classes. Through our vast array of programs, we provide lifesaving care, shelter, and new beginnings for our Bradbury, CA, community’s most vulnerable animals. In fact, we helped nearly 40,000 animals in 2022, a record that we strive to improve each year. Whether you want to bring home a new best friend or make a difference in a shelter dog’s life, you can help Pasadena Humane save and place Bradbury, CA’s most vulnerable creatures. Join us in our mission by making a donation or donating your time through one of our programs for Bradbury, CA, residents.