Earth Day

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I presented this message this week at the local Rotary meeting, and I’m sharing it with you today on Earth Day.

This coming Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day. To me, the intention for this day is for all of us to spend time recognizing that we are all connected with other living things that share our world, and have a responsibility towards the care of each other within it.

John Muir once said “any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much larger and better in every way.” Take a moment to reflect on the wonder of the animals with which we share this earth. The family cat that would sit content on your lap while you watched TV. Your dog that is always so happy when you came home, even if you had only left five minutes prior or had a horrible day. An aquarium of fish that taught you both responsibility and peace. Or if you don’t have pets, think of the birds that announced another beautiful day. The rabbits that romp in the parks. The squirrels chattering away in the trees. Or the trees, the water and the mountains that provide homes and sustenance to many. We share our lives with such amazing living things, and now we should take some time to appreciate their being and learn from them.

Today, in honor of Earth Day, I ask you to appreciate the sun rising, remember to play, be still and celebrate your loved ones, including your four legged family. Take the time to evaluate all of your actions and how that impacts others, and choose one thing to do today that proactively protects our future.

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