Pasadena Humane suggests you ‘Live Large in 2022’ by adopting or fostering a big dog


P!nk is a friendly bulldog mix who loves meeting new people. She enjoys going for walks and getting lots of attention. When two-year-old P!nk arrived at the shelter as a stray, she was sadly suffering from an easily-treatable skin condition. Our medical team has been helping her heal, and she’s now ready to find her forever home! Whoever adopts her will definitely get lots of doggy kisses!

Animal welfare lost a huge supporter recently with the passing of beloved actress Betty White, an avid animal rights activist. She was especially devoted to dogs and was a particular fan of golden retrievers.

A nationwide effort is afoot to recognize Betty White’s love of animals on what would have been her 100th birthday, Jan. 17. Admirers are being encouraged to donate $5 to a local rescue or animal shelter in her memory.

I’d like to propose another way to memorialize White’s love of large dogs in a BIG way. Consider adopting a large dog.


Jobie is a ten-month-old playful and goofy Doberman mix. He’s very active and loves a good game of chase. Since he’s a puppy, he’s still learning new things, but he’s very treat-motivated and picks up new things quickly. He’s very curious and likes to greet everyone. If you love that playful puppy energy, Jobie may be perfect for you!

Every month, many big dogs come to us in need of shelter, care and love. And while we wish they would all quickly find new loving homes, the reality is not so simple. Sadly, big dogs are more often overlooked by prospective adopters in favor of their smaller counterparts. This means it takes longer for big dogs to find new homes.

We hope to kick off the new year by finding as many adopters as possible for the big dogs in our care. This month, we’ve teamed up with more than 20 California shelters and rescues for the “Live Large in 2022” campaign.

Between Jan. 15-31, we are waiving the adoption fee for all dogs weighing 40-pounds or more. Starting this weekend, you can bring some big love into your life by adopting a large dog for free.

Dogs like Duchess, a loving 10-year-old boxer mix who wants a warm place to call her own; P!nk, a friendly bulldog mix who loves meeting new people, and Jobie, a ten-month-old playful and goofy Doberman mix, are awaiting new homes.

Betty White knew that big dogs make great pets! Big dogs are easy to train, and they are excellent exercise buddies.

While they are larger in size, many big dogs can make excellent apartment pets. With proper training and exercise, they tend to be calm and quiet in the home. And with a big dog, you’ll likely feel an extra sense of security at home and out on walks.


Duchess is very loving 10-year-old boxer mix who wants a warm place to call her own. Her foster parents report that Duchess is an absolute “love bug.” Her favorite things include: taking naps on the couch, sleeping upside-down, and going for walks in the park. If you’re looking for a royal buddy who is full of laughs and love, consider Duchess!

At many shelters, like Pasadena Humane, all adopted dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on their vaccines. Visit your favorite shelter’s website for more information or to view pets available for adoption.

To adopt from Pasadena Humane, please visit to schedule an adoption appointment. At your appointed time, you will meet one-on-one with an adoption counselor at the shelter and find the best big match for your family.

If you want to live large in 2022, but you are not ready to adopt, consider fostering a large dog. Fostering is a great way to give dogs a home and a break from the shelter while awaiting adoption. Learn more about Pasadena Humane’s foster program and sign up at

As Betty White once said to Katie Couric on CBS Sunday Morning, “Kindness and consideration of somebody besides yourself keeps you feeling young.” Betty was probably the youngest 99 year old we will ever know.

Many people will experience the joy of giving to animal shelters in her memory on Jan. 17. And if you are able to embrace a large dog in need of a loving home, what better way is there to show kindness, stay young at heart, and commemorate the life of a legendary animal lover?

Dia DuVernet is president and CEO of Pasadena Humane.