Lending a Helping Paw

A senior couple reached out to Pasadena Humane for help because they were having trouble making ends meet. They found themselves supporting their grandchildren as well as their four senior cats while living on a fixed income. Feeding that many mouths was tough on the couple, and they worried that they would have to give up their beloved cats.

Thankfully, they were able to take advantage of Pasadena Humane’s Helping Paws program, which provides crucial resources for people in need of assistance with their pets. We provided the couple with food and assistance with veterinary care for their cats. The program, open to all residents in our service area, helps cover costs of veterinary care, vaccines, spay/neuter and pet food.

In 2023, Helping Paws’ services helped over 600 people and their 800+ pets. Without this assistance, many of those pets would have been rehomed or relinquished to the shelter. Those who are in need of assistance can complete an application online and in some cases receive help the same day.

Sometimes a bag or two of food is the difference maker  in keeping a  family together. The senior couple recently shared, “Helping Paws has made it possible for us to continue to enjoy our four kitties during this time of our lives. My mind is boggled by how much love a little 7-pound cat can provide.”