Join Us For A Kitten Shower!

Kitten season at Pasadena Humane is upon us! Tiny kittens in need of special around-the-clock care are arriving and will continue to arrive in greater numbers as the weather heats up. Caring for them is a unique challenge for our dedicated staff and fosters as many will be orphaned and in immediate need of formula, baby bottles, heating pads and more.


To help care for kittens in need, Pasadena Humane is throwing a virtual Kitten Shower donation drive. With just a few clicks, you can donate essential kitten care items from our wishlist. Your gifts will help us provide tiny kittens with the supplies they need to grow into healthy, adoptable cats.


Please note: Items purchased from our Kitten Shower Wishlist will be donated directly to Pasadena Humane’s Kitten Nursery and Foster Program. No need to pick up the items at the Shelter Shop. Thank you for your support!


If you would like to donate via our Amazon wishlist, please do so here.