From no dogs to a family

Where to begin? Well, I came to adopt a different dog (not Beau), but as fate would have it, that dog was already being “returned to owner.” Very fortunately, one of the wonderful PHS health staff members was in the kennels and mentioned how much everybody there loved Beau, but due to his medical condition(s), he hadn’t been adopted. But Beau was far too sweet and loving to not – at the very least – be given a fair chance. But Wow! What an incredible dog he is!! He has fully recovered from his most pressing medical condition and he is full of energy and love! He listens, knows basic commands, and is an amazing cuddler. He loves being hugged and always wants to be close by me. He will even gently take my hand in his mouth when he wants more cuddling or attention – like a small child taking a parent’s hand! He has absolutely stolen my heart!

Then, a couple months after adopting Beau, I saw Sadie in the PHS kennels. She had just come in as a stray. Time passed and no one showed up to claim her, so I was ready and waiting as soon as she became available. What a sweetheart she is! Best summed up as loving, playful, and mischievous! She’s not destructive (though she’ll occasionally chew something she probably shouldn’t), but her antics and her “Oh yeah? Try to catch me!” challenges are hilarious. Half her waking hours are spent in play bows! And she – like Beau – loves to be hugged. These two absolutely “lean into it” – and into me. And they genuinely seem to love each other – constantly playing and wrestling together. They even cram themselves into one crate.